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TE Owner

Are you a Traffic Exchange owner ?

All year round TE owner work very hard proposing new events to their faithful members.

Unfortunately all emails are not read and often members miss out on events going on at their Traffic Exchanges.

Search Code Hunts and TE Events can bring to you a solution to this issue.

For $3.00 you can post your events at this blog and they will not only be sent out to our members by mail but they also will be seen on this blog on the Events page, Two ways to get new members signing up and already members knowing about the event.

By investing in,  our service you  can get more information out to your members, and get new signups to your events.

You must purchase and give the information on your event 24 hours before starting to enable my team to send out an email to our subscibers and place the event in the blog. Be carefull to give all details to the event as we will not be responsible  if there are changes or if you forget to mention something ( Ex : Tickets must be submitted to claim prize) Your exact message will be seen on mail and blog.

Also send me the html code of your banner which will be placed in the email and in the Events page.

Buy here

Please come back after purchase and fill in the order form below.



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