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TE Events

March 2nd One Day Surf Party with BabblingBrookTE, Froggy Surf and GypsyHits

Find Out More information here!!!

The Kangaroos are Leaving From the GPT Community to Meet The Frogs for a Beer Monday 2/21/11 and Tuesday 2/22/11
It’s Three TE Owner’s Birthdays


My Team Bears & Traffic Lizards Surf Day !!

Friday Febuary 4th Cash and Credits to be won ! 24 prizes in All Join Now



February 14th Valentine’s Day Inhouse Mix N Match Surf Party
Come surf the site find the 5 Prize Pages. Match each Image with ONE Word.
Submit a Ticket With The Image and Word of your Choice. Tickets MUST be
submitted to Win the Word Prizes. Prizes range from: Cash, Credits, Solo Ad,
1 Month Upgrade, Front Page Banner Placement.

Day of Relaxation and Fun!!


The Surf Vault

We will be having a surf for a 1 week login page!  Surf 350 and get entered in the draw. One winner, no support ticket required.

Good luck everyone!



1. j2k3l4 - January 28, 2011

My isp keeps messing up on me – cannot do much surfing ( promoting mostly ) really like the things you are doing – I shall return

Joe P.

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