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1.) Click to Join Search Code Hunts & TE Events.

2.) I will contact you by email telling you what Traffic Exchange the CODE is in.  I will never rent or sell your email information.

3.) Surf the designated Traffic Exchange for that day and claim the CODE PAGE when you see it. Click the  page, it will redirect you back to this site. Provide your member ID for the designated Traffic Exchange, and the promo code that appears on the prize page. You must be a member of  Search Code Hunts  & TE Events to win.

4.) 5 people will be chosen by random draw to win $1 paid to their Searc Code & TE Events account. Only 1 prize page per person will be registerd.

5.) After the Code Search is completed, and the winners are verified, the $1 prizes will be applied to the accounts of each winner. The list of eligible winners for each Code Search will be sent by email.

6.) You MUST have a valid Paypal Account to receive your prize. Direct payment to your account.

Click to join  Search Code  & TE Events.



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