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 Hi, my name is Claire Rossignol, and Theresa Johnson and myself, both TE owners are the founders of the Search Code Hunts and TE Events blog, and we warmly welcome you here.


Now what is Search Code Hunts and TE Events all about…
Well, very simply put, this is a promotion site for Traffic Exchange Events.

Contests called “Code Searches” take place in a sponsored Traffic Exchange.

At random times you will get an email from me that will tell you when and where the Search Code is taking place with the $1 prize pages in rotation.

Just surf in the TE and find the Code.
Click the page to open a new window in this site to claim your cash prize!

There are $1 prizes. 5 people to claim the prize page will be chosen at random to win $1 to their Paypal Account.

The prize can only be won by members of Search Code Hunts & TE Events that have a PayPal account. So, if the page is seen by someone else that is not a member, the prize will not be validated and the page will be put back into rotation until 5 members of Search Code & TE Events win! At this time having a PayPal account is the only way to receive a cash prize.

You will receive updates regarding this program via email. To become a member please fill in the form below to join .

Watch for my emails saying when the next “Code Search” Hunt will be.



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