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Welcome to Search Code Hunts and TE Events January 24, 2011

Posted by claire51 in Up Comming Events.

Are you Getting Traffic to Your Traffic Exchange ?

Many Internet Marketers are looking to operate their Own Traffic Exchanges nowadays and while it is a worthwhile business opportunity, Owners are still faced with how to get Traffic and Members to their sites.

Safe-list now known as Text Exchanges is a good source of advertising for the new owner that might not have a lot of revenue to promote otherwise. “Word of Mouth”, is still the most prevalent. There are many views on the effectiveness of “Chat Rooms” to some it is not worthwhile as it tends to distract the viewer from actually viewing other people’s sites, but if use constructively there is a wealth of information that Traffic Exchange Owners can use to their advantage.

What are some of the Tools that Traffic Exchange Owners are using to obtain Members?

1. “Join Now” Cash Incentives
2. Free 1 Month Upgrades
3. Jointed Surfing Parties
4. Trivia and Puzzle Contest
5. Referral Parties
The above is only a partial listing of the administrative duties of a TE Owner and it takes time, energy and creativity to create advertising such as Banners, Splashpages, Newsletters and daily messages to keep your members active. “What if”, there was a Company that could do most of the “Promoting” for you? “What if” for a nominal fee they could help you not only Promote, but get Members excited about joining other Traffic Exchanges to obtain their Cash Reward Bonus Money!!!.

Traffic Exchange Owners, then you should look towards this site.

Just having 1/3 of the normal TE Owner’s Responsibility turned over to Honest, Competent and Hardworking existing Te Owners is a plus. We know what you need and we are willing to work in earnest promoting your Traffic Exchanges.

Claire Rossignol & Theresa Johnson

Administrators and Owners of Traffic Lizard & Froggysurf

Get more details here.

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